We’re paddling for new dealers in 2014. It’s a big, blue sea with open territories for sole market-focused dealerships

At uBear, we understand the importance of forging smart, strategic partnerships. We also know that the products you choose to sell and the businesses you partner with is a big decision – one you don’t take lightly.That’s why we have several flexible dealer programs, giving you the power of choice, with options that are flexible enough to enhance any business model, allowing you to maximize your bottom-line. If you are interested in becoming a uBear dealer, please contact us for more details.

uBear products means tremendous business opportunities for dealers who sell and support uBear products. Because we are committed to a successful, long-term partnership with our dealers, we have high expectations for potential dealer applicants that are intended to ensure this success and continue to support and enhance uBear experience.

uBear Looking For:

  • Active people – Your enthusiasm will translate into sales
  • Experienced Entrepreneurs – Tell us more about your previous and related business experience
  • Great Retail Locations – As well as knowledge of the local market

Authorized Distributors Receive:

  • Trademarks Access – using it within your venture’s name instantly lends it credibility and sets it apart from unauthorized competition
  •  uBear Product Discounts
  • Qualified Leads – uBear will forward you leads to solve the questions
  • Marketing Support
  • Comprehensive Sales Training
  • Generous prices and Sales Incentives
  • You’ll get all the in-store materials and support you want
  • We’re looking for one great dealer in each key market to drive interest and sales
  • We’re planning to offer you an opportunity to earn more through our product line, POS materials and new specialty products