About us

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We make little things better. uBear is a modern and vibrant lifestyle brand that combines the creative spirit of urban culture. uBear designs, develops and produces mobile accessories and related products for urban-minded peoples driven by energy of big cities. We are for those who are violently want to live: morning on the beach doing yoga, next time in the studio working on the fabulous project going to make something really new for the world. Wherever you are: in the car or on hiking, in the office or on the beach uBear will help to make struggling life easier, better designed and simply better.

California, Venice Beach, Sun, Ocean, Creative Team and Spirit of Freedom – that made uBear. Filed with beauty, independence, passion and inspiration. uBear will be a part of your individuality if you want, and we done our best to meet your highest request of quality, functionality and usability. Now it is easy to find what you need in the mobile accessories world. uBear is a mixture of unique technologies, materials and designs. Our little things could truly be your everyday thrilling accent. The company was built on design, outstanding quality standards and innovation.

Born in the atom of freedom of the world in Southern California, now you can find all over the world same time in every state in USA. Our comprehensive mobile accessories gives you sense of stability and excellence together with great design looking.